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Quick Dry Anti Bacterial Bamboo No Show Socks - White

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High Quality Bamboo silk socks are extremely comfortable to wear. Due to micro-gaps in the bamboo fiber, it has moisture wicking capabilities which keeps your feet dry even there is excessive sweat.

Why Bamboo socks is better than other types of socks? 

  • There is no shrinkage of the fabric as there is a micro gap in bamboo fibre.
  • Eliminate odour as they composed of naturally anti-bacterial bamboo fibre which drastically reduce foot odour and it dries quickly.
  • They are less likely to irritate on skin and also non allergic.
  • More absorbent even than the finest organic cotton socks.
  • Bamboo socks expect last longer and if you play a tons of sports your feet wont get sweaty and protects you from any sort of fungal infection.